Mold Remediation

Mold can destroy your home and your health

Do not take a chance on mold ruining either your house or your health.

Most varieties of mold are not carcinogenic but there are some that are do not take a chance with your families health.

Once mold has begun it is like a plague and will not stop spreading until the cause is remedied.

Our mold remediation service benefits both property and people.

When to get help from mold removal company.

There is a lot of mold.

The home is damp and moist.

Mold comes back after repeated cleaning.

A family member suffers from asthma or respiratory problems that appears to be aggravated when inside the home.

What is involved in Mold Remediation

Once the problem has been properly diagnosed an action plan will be discussed.

Some mold may be able to be removed with proper cleaning.

Severely affected areas may be required to be removed and rebuilt.

Specialized drying machines and air purification units may be needed.

What ever is required our professional and certified employees will leave your home safe and mold free.